Understanding the Senior Placement and Referral Process

Understanding the Senior Placement and Referral Process

Looking for the right senior housing placement or finding the most suitable caregiver for your loved one can be a challenge. Especially when you know that your aging loved one needs special care and attention that you can no longer accommodate because of other responsibilities. With over a decade of providing the most trustworthy service of senior care in California, we make everything easier for you. Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers aims to provide comprehensive and detailed options for senior placement.

Firstly, your loved one will be evaluated to identify which level of care and service is right for them and to understand their specific needs and concerns. A comprehensive diagnosis of their condition is essential to determine the most appropriate type of placement and service they should receive. Free senior care assessments and free qualified placement referrals will be done by a professional geriatric care manager to ensure a formal and professional understanding of the circumstance. Our fully licensed and adept caregiver in Walnut Creek, California will provide expert assistance and support needed. Additionally, on-going facility evaluations are conducted to ensure that all assisted living facilities are substantially compliant. During this evaluation, we try to identify any operational deficiencies or violations.

After the assessment, you will be presented with a filtered list of the best possible options. We will be facilitating all arrangements, paperwork, and transportation to your chosen placement either board and care, assisted living placement, or senior placement. After your loved one’s placement, we will be conducting a follow-up assessment to ensure that you are satisfied with your choice. If you have further inquiries regarding your companionship care needs, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-974-2525.

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