3 Must-Do Activities with a Senior in Assisted Living

3 Must-Do Activities with a Senior in Assisted Living

Is your elderly parent or grandparent in an assisted living placement? When they live in an assisted living or nursing facility, visiting them regularly is a vital way to stay connected. It is a great way to show them how much you care. Spending time with you will brighten their day and knowing when you will visit next can give them something to look forward to.

However, some people find it uncomfortable or awkward to visit because they don’t know what to do or say. Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers, an expert in Senior Care in California, offers some fun ideas which can make your visit positive and fun.

  1. Keep Them Connected

    Oftentimes, seniors living in a care community get lonely due to a lack of contact with their family. During your visit, use it as a chance to keep them connected with you and the other family members. This is your chance to assure them that they have not been forgotten. When visiting, you can bring other visitors with you – be it other family members or friends. Do other family members live too far away? Arrange phone calls or video chats so they can still virtually visit your senior loved one!

  2. Reminisce Over Old Photographs

    Looking over old videos or photographs is a great way to spend time together. It is also an excellent conversation starter. After all, you never know what memories or stories your senior loved one may share as they see old photos again. Interested in starting a project with your loved one? Consider making a family tree or scrapbook a family album – these are some activities that are both meaningful and fun!

  3. Listen to Music Together

    Music has a universal ability to increase happiness, boost mood, and reduce anxiety. When you’re together, play and listen to their favorite songs. Or, you can introduce them to new music you think they will enjoy. You can sit and listen together, reminisce over memories that the song brings up, or have impromptu sing-alongs!

Final Thoughts

These are just three of the many fun activities that you can do to make your visit more fun and enjoyable. If you have other activities in mind, we would love to hear them! As your trusted caregiver in Walnut Creek, California, we are always willing to listen to your thoughts and suggestions.

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