Testimonials from Clients

Dressing in Walnut Creek, CA

The team over at Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers was so efficient and helpful! We had some special circumstances which made communicating with and transporting my father very difficult. Andy himself came right over and discussed every possible option to us, since we really were in the dark. He made it as clear and concise as possible without overwhelming us. I thought it would all be so much harder to arrange, but with Andy, it was a matter of choices. He took care of the arrangements, paperwork, transportation and was there through every step of the transition for my father. We still go to Andy for help now and then and he’s always right there. A special thanks to Andy and to Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers.

Vicki M.- Concord

I cannot say enough about this team and all of the help that they gave us in finding the right living situation for my Mother. My Mother had been rapidly declining and when we found her in her backyard, lying on the ground for hours with no help or water, we were terrified. We knew that we had to move her to somewhere she could be monitored and given the care she needed in order to be safe. She’s my mom though so I wasn’t going to settle when it came to her sense of enjoyment in life. I needed a perfect fit and the team at LPPA couldn’t have been more understanding or more helpful. I was initially very apprehensive, but they heard all of my concerns and never took a step without my ok. They took all of the stress and guilt out of the process, while moving as quickly as I needed. My mom has made new friends and has the kind of stimulation that she has needed. I no longer have to worry about her when I’m not with her and I know she’s receiving the best of care. Thank you LPPA.

Marcella Lopez – Martinez

Lighthouse was absolutely the right choice for us. When my dad was about to be discharged from Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, with no living arrangements made for him and I was completely lost. He needed around the clock care suddenly and we didn’t know where to go first. Lighthouse met with us, went over every detail of what we needed for him, had 3 facilities laid out for us to choose from within the day, and even arranged for transportation for my dad from the hospital straight to the facility. They took all the guesswork out of the process and even helped us with all the paperwork and financials. Best choice we could have made.

Dane K.– Santa Rosa

Andy, at Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers, was amazing. He made us feel so understood and so at ease with the steps we were taking. He handled every step with grace and expertise. There was no problem too big and he continues to check in on my mom to this day. Great guy! Great help!

Lizzy M.– Concord

Having to choose the best place for my father to live when he suffered a stroke was one of the most painful and upsetting times of my life. I struggled with the choices and I struggled with making a final decision. I wanted the best that I could afford for him. I turned to LPPA when I realized that I needed help with all the information out there and making all the arrangements necessary. That team really knew what they were doing and helped me through it all. I don’t think that I could have made it through that choice without them guiding me every step of the way. The financials and paperwork alone was daunting, but they knew exactly what they were doing. I don’t recommend going through this without them.

Steven J. – Walnut Creek



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