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The Role of a Professional Senior Housing Placement and Referral Agency

Elder/Senior housing placement agencies help families find the appropriate assisted living housing for their loved one who can no longer care for themselves at home. While some elder placement agencies will simply send you a list of all the available housing options, others will work with you to narrow down options based on your needs. Some elder housing placement agencies can also help you find in-home care agencies, we can as well.

Benefits of Using an Elder/Senior Placement and Referral Agency

Finding the right fit in a caregiver or in a community can be overwhelming. The options are staggering and the finer details can be confusing. A lot of people do not have the time to filter through the hundreds of options laid out before them. When using Lighthouse, we are able to filter through those options for you and breakdown the choices into the best possible options for you or your loved one. We are able to eliminate unnecessary or undesirable choices by communicating with you about your specific needs, going straight to the viable options that are in line with those needs, checking on licensing and good standing, and vetting those options. Lighthouse will then help facilitate all paperwork and transportation when necessary. After placement, we will conduct a follow up to ensure satisfaction in your choice.

Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers is a elder/senior housing placement and referral agency exclusive to residential elder care housing and assisted living facilities. Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers is a free elder housing placement and referral agency. We receive requests for placement assistance from nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, retirement homes, churches and through the provider’s web page on our directory. Our services are paid for by participating providers.

Lighthouse Professional Placement & Caregivers has a unique and supportive process in helping you choose the best home for your loved one. The process begins here.

Our agency has pre-screened each facility for enforcement letters. Each facility has also been state qualified and approved by the Department of Social and Health Services. All providers on our directory have no current letters from the State for abuse, neglect, or failing to protect residents’ rights. We routinely check with the state for any of these violations. If the provider incurs any of these violations, they will be removed from our directory. We take pride in having providers who maintain quality care and protect residents’ rights.



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